Friday, April 18, 2014

Times Past ...

Since the Lord opened the door of opportunity
 and Redemption Road Village was founded,
we have had some miraculous and exciting times.

November of 2012 Gene and I watched and waited... we knew that the Lord was closing one door of ministry and opening another. Not realizing even the direction we were headed, we began to help a group of friends form and plan their new ministry.
The deeper we got into helping the more we realized what the Lord was doing in and with us. We were to be a part of this ministry, we call Redemption Road Village.
We all moved  prayerfully forward as a house was placed into our path, we gathered information; papers were signed and filed for legal purposes. A program was adopted, along with so many other things that put this ministry together in just a short time. Short time! No it was an eight year dream of two very incredible men of God. Who patiently waited for just the right time, God’s time!    

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