Saturday, April 19, 2014

Over the next several months

Over the next several months ...
We were lost in time, filing paper work for permits,
obtaining our foster parent status and just waiting for answers and watching how and what the Lord was doing.
 Individuals locally and abroad are began to donated time, money, talents, advice, encouragement and lots of prayer and love. This was confirmation to us that we were on the right path.
 Just to let you all know you all are a great Encouragement to us along this journey.
You all are a large part of Redemption Road Village.
May of 2013, the Lord led to us a young lady who was in a troubled relationship. She was our first young lady that would stay with us for a couple of weeks.
That same week Fishers of Men’s “morality Matters team arrived. Gene and I along with the team of FOM began to teach in the local schools. We partnered with Child Development Foundation of Belize in sensitizing the students on human trafficking and abstinence. It was a blessing to teach the students on this subject using biblical principles.  Evelyn worked with us during our “Morality Matters team”, it was after the team left she went to live with her parents. Evelyn is now employed full time and wishes to return to University to finish her degree.
Armenia School Morality Matters
We continue to work with Fishers of Men and the medical, dental and construction teams as well as the Morality Matters teams that come in. Truly a blessing!

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