About RRV

Redemption Road Village is a three phase ministry. Titus 3:14

Founded by Buddy Hardy and Jack Barnes, Redemption Road Village is a long time dream of these two men. We are a transitional living home for girls aging out of the children's homes in Belize

  • The first phase is to allow girls who have aged out of the children's homes to further their education learn life skills and become productive citizens.

  •  Phase two, is for young girls that are presently in the children home system that are pregnant or have children of their own. To help them further their education learn family skills, life skills and job skills to successfully care for their children and themselves.

  •  Phase 3 For young men  that are in the children's home system. Helping them to further their  education or to learn a trade, to learn life skills and how to be productive citizens .

We believe with God's leadership, your prayers and support that each of the young men and women that pass through our program will have a greater opportunity for success. Titus 3:14

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