How can you help?

Below you will find a copy of our Sponsorship list.     This list does not include the cost of our relocating. We are prayerfully seeking the Lord, as whether He would have us purchase a home, to build, or lease.  We are trusting fully in Him as he leads.
Sponsorship Levels
(US $)

Per Resident:  
                                                Monthly        Yearly

       Living Expenses                 $260                $3,120

School Sponsorship per Student:
                                                 Monthly        Yearly

       High School Student          $100                 $1,200

        University Student            $200                  $2,400

House needs …Utilities:

                     Monthly        Yearly
Phone Service
Donations may be mailed to the following Ministries

The Word at Work

Fisher's of Men
P.O. Box 387
Selma, AL 36702-0387

When sending funds make check out to the ministry you are sending it to. Then use a sticky note marked"Donations for Redemption Road Village, Belize" written on it. The ministries will  then know to direct the funds to RRV account.
Thanks again so much for your consideration of our ministry







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