Saturday, April 19, 2014

Present times...

In February 2014, our landlord returned to Belize and informed us that our lease would not be extended and that we must relocate by January 8th of 2015.  This was a shock to us since we had a verbal agreement that we would be at our present location for at least 5 years.
April 2014,
we are confident that Our Father has much bigger plans and feel that He wants us to establish a more permanent base for Redemption Road Village. We ask for your prayers as we seek His will. Once we better understand Our Father’s Will, we will be better equipped to inform you of our financial needs.  Right now, we ask that you keep us in your prayers as we seek that Will based on His timing.

Many have ask how can we help RRV and what are the current and ongoing needs?
Please see the top of the blog page that says "Our Needs Are"
Attached you will find a copy of our Sponsorship list.     This list does not include the cost of our relocating. We are prayerfully seeking the Lord, as whether He would have us purchase a home, to build, or lease.  We are trusting fully in Him as he leads.
Please join us in prayer for a very dear friend and founder of RRV, Buddy Hardy.
Buddy has been having some major issues with his health, and is currently in the hospital in Birmingham Alabama. Pray for Kathryn, their 2 sons and their family, as we all face and go through this difficult time.
For updates on Buddy please see Fishers of Men Face book page.
thank you for your prayers

January 2014 Another Adventure begins

January 2014, yet another adventure begins.
The Lord brought to us Diane, 22 and her young son.
The two of them have been out of the children’s home since Diane was 18. This case, a little different than what we thought we would be doing.
They had already been living on their own, Diane has a wonderful job and the fact we were bringing in a 9 year old boy.
 We were ask to help in encouraging and helping in enriching her parenting skills, and assist in budgeting her finances.
Diane was in her own transition time. It was our job to help her through this time.
We have fallen in love with these two precious people, and in the future hope to remain a large part of their lives. 
We are expectantly excited about what the Lord has next. 
For Diane and Manuel their exit strategy is to be living in their own apartment
by June 1.
Please pray for them as they are still looking for that perfect place.

Updating November & December

Each week RRV host a ladies bible study group.  Each of the ladies comes from different cultural back grounds. It is such  a pleasure to get to know everyone and share the word of God together.
November of 2013
 Some of these dear ladies in our bible study group along with some of you in the states jumped on board in the planning stages of our open house. It was such an encouragement to see the support we have locally. Some of you, Gene and I met in the beginning of our move to Belize. But until now had no idea how and where you would be in our lives. Our Lord is awesome in putting things and people together.

Praise the Lord!!
In December of 2013 a very important milestone was crossed.  We received our Foster Parent status.
 We were asked to provide respite care for a few of the girls from Marla’s House of Hope girls’ home, during the Christmas break. When all was said and done we had 2 wonderful young ladies to share our Christmas with. Several of the girls from Marla’s came on the weekends before Christmas and helped in the decorating of the house and the tree. Excitement filled RRV.  The laughter and the joy of the girls brought us much joy as we shared the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior.

Over the next several months

Over the next several months ...
We were lost in time, filing paper work for permits,
obtaining our foster parent status and just waiting for answers and watching how and what the Lord was doing.
 Individuals locally and abroad are began to donated time, money, talents, advice, encouragement and lots of prayer and love. This was confirmation to us that we were on the right path.
 Just to let you all know you all are a great Encouragement to us along this journey.
You all are a large part of Redemption Road Village.
May of 2013, the Lord led to us a young lady who was in a troubled relationship. She was our first young lady that would stay with us for a couple of weeks.
That same week Fishers of Men’s “morality Matters team arrived. Gene and I along with the team of FOM began to teach in the local schools. We partnered with Child Development Foundation of Belize in sensitizing the students on human trafficking and abstinence. It was a blessing to teach the students on this subject using biblical principles.  Evelyn worked with us during our “Morality Matters team”, it was after the team left she went to live with her parents. Evelyn is now employed full time and wishes to return to University to finish her degree.
Armenia School Morality Matters
We continue to work with Fishers of Men and the medical, dental and construction teams as well as the Morality Matters teams that come in. Truly a blessing!


January of 2013 Redemption Road Village opened its doors at the present location. Several teams from Fishers of Men came and helped prepare the home for living.

Walls were moved and others reinforced. Paint was placed on all the walls, but the most important and impressive was the prayers of each person that entered. As they entered some went from room to room praying over each area, for the residents that would one day fill the rooms.   

Donations came in that helped in furnishing the house making it a home. The shipment arrived; the furniture was unloaded and placed in the rooms, the vision…now a reality.                               

The container arrived...
The Family group” from Fishers of Men prayed and helped unpack the bedding. Some made beds as they prayed and others finished painting. What a blessing it is to be a part of new birth in ministry.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Times Past ...

Since the Lord opened the door of opportunity
 and Redemption Road Village was founded,
we have had some miraculous and exciting times.

November of 2012 Gene and I watched and waited... we knew that the Lord was closing one door of ministry and opening another. Not realizing even the direction we were headed, we began to help a group of friends form and plan their new ministry.
The deeper we got into helping the more we realized what the Lord was doing in and with us. We were to be a part of this ministry, we call Redemption Road Village.
We all moved  prayerfully forward as a house was placed into our path, we gathered information; papers were signed and filed for legal purposes. A program was adopted, along with so many other things that put this ministry together in just a short time. Short time! No it was an eight year dream of two very incredible men of God. Who patiently waited for just the right time, God’s time!