Saturday, April 19, 2014

January 2014 Another Adventure begins

January 2014, yet another adventure begins.
The Lord brought to us Diane, 22 and her young son.
The two of them have been out of the children’s home since Diane was 18. This case, a little different than what we thought we would be doing.
They had already been living on their own, Diane has a wonderful job and the fact we were bringing in a 9 year old boy.
 We were ask to help in encouraging and helping in enriching her parenting skills, and assist in budgeting her finances.
Diane was in her own transition time. It was our job to help her through this time.
We have fallen in love with these two precious people, and in the future hope to remain a large part of their lives. 
We are expectantly excited about what the Lord has next. 
For Diane and Manuel their exit strategy is to be living in their own apartment
by June 1.
Please pray for them as they are still looking for that perfect place.

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