Saturday, April 19, 2014

Present times...

In February 2014, our landlord returned to Belize and informed us that our lease would not be extended and that we must relocate by January 8th of 2015.  This was a shock to us since we had a verbal agreement that we would be at our present location for at least 5 years.
April 2014,
we are confident that Our Father has much bigger plans and feel that He wants us to establish a more permanent base for Redemption Road Village. We ask for your prayers as we seek His will. Once we better understand Our Father’s Will, we will be better equipped to inform you of our financial needs.  Right now, we ask that you keep us in your prayers as we seek that Will based on His timing.

Many have ask how can we help RRV and what are the current and ongoing needs?
Please see the top of the blog page that says "Our Needs Are"
Attached you will find a copy of our Sponsorship list.     This list does not include the cost of our relocating. We are prayerfully seeking the Lord, as whether He would have us purchase a home, to build, or lease.  We are trusting fully in Him as he leads.
Please join us in prayer for a very dear friend and founder of RRV, Buddy Hardy.
Buddy has been having some major issues with his health, and is currently in the hospital in Birmingham Alabama. Pray for Kathryn, their 2 sons and their family, as we all face and go through this difficult time.
For updates on Buddy please see Fishers of Men Face book page.
thank you for your prayers

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