Board of Directors

Jack Barnes, Lives In Belize, he is a Founder, and  Chairman of the Board RRV ,
 serves on the Board of Fishers of Men, Serves with Rotary International, Board member for Marla's House of Hope. Jack is currently attending Life Net church.

Buddy Hardy, he and his wife Kathryn  live in Belmopan Belize, they are  from Selma ALA,
 He is a Founder of RRV and serves as  Vice Pres.  Founder and CEO of  Fishers of Men Ministries Belize. Buddy and Kathryn are presently attending Belmopan Baptist Church

Gene Watkins lives in Belmopan Belize, from Lakeland Florida and served for 11.5 years in Cosby TN. House Parent RRV, Treasurer RRV, Former Pastor ,  Former Missions  Director of HOC Belize. Gene and Liz are currently serving in Bethel Disciples International church.

Liz Watkins lives in Belmopan Belize. House Parent RRV, Secretary RRV, Leads a weekly women's bible study. Liz and Gene have been married for almost years.

Sixto Chan and his wife live in  Belmopan, Belize. Sixto is currently the Manager  of Brodies in Belmopan. He and his wife currently have an apartment complex for University students.

Andrea Rodriguez, lives in Belmopan Belize. Andrea is a full time mom of 3 , a Social Media Consultant, an a Talk Show Host on Divaz Next Door. She and her husband Dion have served as Youth Directors,  they both work and Serve with Path light Ministries Belize.

Amy Bowden, and her husband Cecil live in Trussville Ala.  She works with "Safe" Presenting purity in the public school systems,  Amy has partnered with Child Development Foundation to teach  Morality Matters  in the schools here in Belize. Amy and Cecil are both involved in  Fishers of Men 

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